It’s been a little while since my last entry. Today, I’m urged to write because one of my acquaintances has been recording videos where they talk about their experiences as a trans young person. Today, I want to talk to you about my experiences when I was younger as a now old trans, aromantic person. This will hopefully be positive over all, but it definitely won’t all be. Firstly, a timeline.

Voice training

I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this site. Sorry! No rush of improvements today. Part of me has recently decided that it wants to do voice training. I’m honestly not sure where this has come from. My natural voice is pretty deep, but I’m not sure where I want to aim. A full feminine voice would be useful online where I often pose as a woman instead of a man.


I spent a good portion of today sifting through resource suggestions. I asked in a few places and got a huge list. There’s still more that I haven’t fully gone through too. I think the current list is a good starting point though. There’s some really good stuff that people recommended to me. I also finally got around to setting up the tagging system correctly. It’s gotten me reconsidering my own stance on gender a bit.

What's coming next...

First day of Easter, Good Friday. It’s been a pretty productive day for me today. I got a bunch of stuff cleaned up with the website here, both visible and not. It’ll be a lot easier to do changes to the theme now because I’m expecting I’ll need to do tweaks… I like it minimal, but I also want to do lots of cool stuff with this site so I need to be able to modify and extend it!


Tomorrow is Good Friday. Yesterday I bought a copy of Life is Strange and I plan to go at it hard over the long weekend. Next week is only a four day week because of Easter Monday and the week after that I have a week off work! A blessed break which is long overdue. I’m seeing my mum over the weekend to give her a hand around the house. Not looking forward to the physical work, but it’ll be good to see her again.

Day 2

Day 2. Being sick sucks. I had to go to work because I left the charger for my laptop at work because I never get sick. Well, I got sick. Oh well. Day 2. I managed to get the domain almost set up before going to work. Now that I’m home, I get to work on getting a functioning site. So far I have a holding page. But Hugo is looking pretty easy to use, once you get the hang of it.


I did a silly today. Domains are a pain to buy. Anonymous domains even more so. But the diary shall live, and momo.lgbt shall be mine, eventually. It worked out in the end though. Apparently I’m not as silly as I thought. 15 days to verify. 2 weeks. The previous paragraph took me a half hour to write because I was writing it while still on the high of getting this project to a legit starting point and getting a name sorted so I didn’t lose this most precious opportunity to use my actual name.