I spent a good portion of today sifting through resource suggestions. I asked in a few places and got a huge list. There’s still more that I haven’t fully gone through too. I think the current list is a good starting point though. There’s some really good stuff that people recommended to me. I also finally got around to setting up the tagging system correctly.

It’s gotten me reconsidering my own stance on gender a bit. I’ve been pretty on the fence about the whole gender thing for a while. I feel very detached from the concept of gender itself but more and more I want to experiment with presentation.

As someone assigned male at birth this has always been a touchy subject. I used to grow my hair out as a teenager, a long time before even considering I might be trans or even knew that trans was a thing that one could be. Certain members of my family had no issue making fun of me for that, calling me a girl and such. Funnily, the thought crossed my mind a few times of replying to the tune of “What if I am?” In hindsight, there was a lot going on that never quite connected up.

These days I present very masculine - I keep my hair short for practical reasons and I sport a beard. I like to keep my hair short because I don’t like to look after it much. Depression means that the less self-maintenance I need to do the easier it is as a whole. I actually like both these things and consider them to be in line with what I want for myself. Lately however I’ve been thinking more and more about more feminine clothing and what it’d be like to wear things like dresses and skirts, especially over summer which has just finished where I live.

Reading over some of the resources though, I’m starting to wonder if I actually do want to do any transitioning. In particular, this article about nonbinary transitioning really got me thinking. If I could do anything, what would I do? Would I do anything?

Some food for further thought.